Federal Parliament API

Providing free, open-source and machine-readable access to the activity of the Belgian Federal Parliament.

This is a hosted version of the API generated by the Federal Parliament scraper, it contains machine-readable information on the functioning of the federal parliament going back from today all the way to session 52 (°2007).

Consuming the API

The main endpoint for the API is parlement.thundr.be/index.json, from there on information can be obtained on the different sessions. Each session has details on all the Members of Parliament during that session as well as the meeting notes for the Plenary meetings. There are plans to extend this functionality further with meeting notes of the Committees.

Based on the Federal Parliament scraper

The data in this API was generated using a Python parser implemented with the BeautifulSoup library. The source code of this parser can be found on GitHub and is licensed under the MIT License.

Usage of this API

This API is provided free of charge and without any guarantees on it’s performance. Downtime is possible and their may be errors in the data produced by the parser, we keep track of an Erratum on Github. Do feel free to report additional issues by way of a GitHub Issue on our scraper project.